We are Metafused

Metafused’s mission is to make data meaningful. To bust open the myth of “real-time” and actually deliver insights based on the latest information. To create recommendations that truly add value and provide a platform that actions them for you. To help you win.

Our roots come from frustration

Frustration at being forced to make decisions using old data with no indication of what the future held.

Frustration at having reams and reams of spreadsheets but no way to determine which data was meaningful or useful.

Frustration at the way one data source or department would not speak to others to connect the dots.

We decided to do something about it and, shortly afterwards, Metafused, our analytics baby, was born. To work with live data to deliver real results.

This is us. But we are more interested in you. Please CONTACT us and let’s have a chat about how we can work together.

All data processing and outputs are adhered to in accordance with Data Protection Act of 1998. Metafused is a registered member of ICO Registration Number: ZA196947.


Madhuban Kumar

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Madhuban was inspired to found Metafused while running her data consultancy business where she bought IP data assets for UK PLC as well as helped musicians make sense from their data. She has a multi-faceted past, having been a venture capitalist in the US, Europe and India, including for Insight Venture Partners as well as running major projects for blue chip brands such as First Data and GSK. Madhuban has become obsessed by decision engines but, in the little spare time she gets, she loves to beat a new path on her travels.


Matthew Yeager

Chief Technology Officer

Matthew has advised startups in the UK, USA, and Israel over the past ten years, and it was in this advisory capacity that his relationship with Metafused started some years ago. His interest in helping people make data driven decisions first began with his background in neuroscience, and has seen him co-found and act as CTO for property companies specialising in the use of machine learning and AI. When he’s not working  Matthew can be found watching and playing tennis of which he admits a borderline obsession. And don’t get him started on using ML, IOT, and statistical thinking to make you a better tennis player!


Alun Lucas

Head of Product

Alun was working for one of our major investors when they made a significant commitment to Metafused. He was so excited about the potential for BrandFlo he swiftly jumped ship and is now charged with spreading the word of Metafused. Alun’s a family man so his youthful travelling days have been curtailed somewhat but he occasionally gets to slip away for a few days exploration somewhere exotic.

board of advisors / directors team

Ken Mandel

A Singapore based marketer with extensive brand and agency
experience. Presently CEO of Jam V, an Asian incubator.
Previously, Managing Director of Hootsuite Asia, ex- Head of Yahoo and SalesForce / BuddyMedia, Asia.

Jeremy Silver

A UK based investor with extensive startup lifecycle experience. Presently, NED with a portfolio of UK startups in the digital space. Previously, Executive Chairman of Semetric (exit to Apple).

Lynn Wunderman

A US Marketer with 30 years of experience with brands and startups who founded and sold two data businesses to Akamai (2008) and WPP (2010). Sat on the board of companies like Chango, (acq Rubicon Project) Precision Demand (acq AOL) and others.

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